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Bergen is a city and municipality in Hordaland county in Norway's west coast, surrounded by seven mountains, often called the west nation's capital. Bergen was founded by Olav Kyrre in 1070 with the name Bjørgvin, meaning "the green meadow among the mountains'. Bergen is the Bergenshalvøens in Midthordland, which together make up the region of Northern Hordaland Bergen and the region of Hordaland county. The municipality has sea borders against Vats, Sund, Fjell, Askøy, Meland, Lindas and Osterøy and land borders Vaksdal, Samnanger and Os.

Bergen has throughout its history been a leading international trade and shipping, and was the national capital during Norgesveldets heyday. Status as the capital (the third in the series) had the city between 1217 and 1314. Bergen was the largest city until the 1600s and the largest city until the mid 1830s, and has since been the second largest city.

Bergen has a mild and humid maritime climate characterized by relatively small temperature variations during the year.

The historic heart is centered around the harbor. Located at the east side is Holmen, now Bergenshus fortress with Håkon's Hall and Rosenkrantz Tower, all from the Middle Ages. On Bergenshus was previously also the residence, bishop's palace, monastery, cathedral schools and several churches, among which the old cathedral Christ church which was demolished in 1531 by military considerations.

There are 61 listed buildings in the area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the district called Bryggen.

Funicular in Bergen is one of Norway's most famous attractions. You can find the heart of Bergen, 150 meters from the fish market and Bryggen. The walk up to the wing (320 m) takes five to six minutes. The trip itself is an adventure, and at the top you can enjoy a magnificent view over Bergen.

Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. Its height is 643 meters above sea level. Ulrik is built tower for broadcasting and telecommunications. There is also a cafe and restaurant on the top. Gondola Cable Car makes it easy to get to the top of the mountain.

Ole Bull was born in Bergen, Norwegian violinist and composer and one of the 1800s greatest violinists.

Den Nationale Scene in Bergen is one of the three national theater institutions. The theater was founded in 1876 in the same house on Comedy Engen where Ole Bull had once driven the Norwegian Theater.

Bergen is a self-written stopover whether you are holidaying in Norway and you should have plenty of time here is much to experience. Besides those mentioned above, you can experience the Aquarium, Fisherman's Market, Will science center, festival, beautiful city parks, endless art, culture, history, rich nightlife and so on.
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Elise Børve Høvik
Norheimsund, Norway
"Fantastisk BY!"
Reviewed 16.10.2016 15:49:04
Bergen er ein fantastisk by! Den har så mykje å by på. Både opplev...


Kristin B. Jacobsen
Klokkarvik, Norway
"Full av liv."
Reviewed 15.06.2015 12:14:53
Bergen er en flott by, full av liv. Bergen er en gammel Hansa by o...


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