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Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and the country's second largest urban area. Wellington lies at the southern tip of the North Island in the geographic center of the country. Wellington is often referred to as New Zealand's cultural center. Particularly well known is the city's film and theater industry. In addition, Wellington National Museum "Museum of New Zealand," symphony "New Zealand Symphony Orchestra" and the Royal New Zealand Ballet "Royal New Zealand Ballet."

The city's compact core can accommodate everything from art and café life into a formidable nightlife considering its size.

Tauranga is located in the northern part of the sweeping bay Bay of Plenty but is well protected by the island of Matakana Island. The name Tauranga comes from the Maori language and means something like 'a protected anchorage »

Due to its sheltered location Tauranga enjoys a mild and dry climate. This has made the city a popular place for retirees to settle in. Over the summer months, the population grows as the neighboring satellite city Mount Manganui is a popular vacation destination.

Tauranga is the fastest growing city in New Zealand. By the next census in 2006, the city's number of inhabitants have passed 100,000. This means that the city has quadrupled capita number of around 30 years. The growth is mainly due to retirees settle in the city, many in the suburb of Papamoa. Although population growth has been great, the city is represented in trade and business. The center is the size of a city of about half of Tauranga dimension.
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