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Zell am See is located in the so-called Zeller- waterway, which connects Saalach- and Salzachtal. In the center of the river lies the barely four kilometers long, about 1 kilometer wide and 68 meters deep Zeller See, Zell am See where is located.

At Zell am See is Schmittenhöhe mountain, which is currently used for winter sports activities. The mountain Hundstein by Thumersbach with its 2117 meters the highest mountain in Salzburg Skifferalper.
In the 1,100 meters altitude has in Zell am See found primitive furnaces the Late Bronze Age. Findings of vessels from 30 years to 160 AD shows that it is gone trading route via Zell am See and the Romans had settlements in the area.

In 740 founding monk of Salzburg honorary bishop Johannes town "Cella in Bisonzio".

Napoleon's campaigns could also be felt in Pinzgau, and in 1809 French troops did more walking in the area.

Only in 1810 did "Zell am See" its current name.

In 1875 the railway line from Salzburg over Bischofshofen and Zell am See on to Innsbruck in Tyrol and in 1898 commenced the building of Pinzgauer Lokalbahn from Zell am See to Krimml.

Zell am See's historic core, built on a peninsula in Zellersee, and both summer and winter a tourist attraction. Together with the municipality Kaprun forming Zell am See Urlaubsregion Zell am See-Kaprun, there are more than 14,000 beds available and with over 2 mil. overnights area is a major tourist center in Austria.

During the summer season dominated German speaking guests with 41% followed by Dutchmen, Belgians, Arabs and Britons. The large number of Arab tourists is quite unusual for such a small town Zell am See.

Zell am See has 64% of the Arab tourists in the state of Salzburg, representing approximately 140,000 overnights per year. Families primarily from Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates is staying in the city for up to six weeks at a time.
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Ble oppmerksom på byen for fire år siden. Zell am See er blitt en ...


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