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San Salvador, Bahamas is an island and a district north of the State Bahamas in the Caribbean sea. The island has an area of 94.9 km ², is 11.2 km wide east-west and 19.25 km long north-south direction. She is surrounded by coral reefs around the coast, with the exception from the area to the west where the capital Cockburn Town is located with good pasture conditions. Until 1925 it was believed that San Salvador was identical to Guanahani, the island that Christopher Columbus first came to the "new world".

San Salvador is "Valle de las Hamacas" as it was called by Pipila, because of its intense earthquake activity) at the foot of San Salvador volcano. It covers an area of 600 square kilometers and is home to nearly 2 million people. It is home to a third of El Salvador's population and half the country's wealth. The downtown area is filled with shops and modern buildings, but unfortunately earthquakes have damaged or destroyed many of the historic buildings.

The people of San Salvador is generally friendly, but in a large city, less inclined to engage in conversations with strangers on the street as opposed to other parts of the country.

To spend a few days exploring this cosmopolitan and international conscious city can be a rewarding experience.

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